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Allow users to disable notifications of other users' activities in Connect


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We have a case that keeps a number of reviewers occupied. Now they raised the wish to disable the live on-screen notifications on the review activities of other participants in the review. If there is a larger number of reviewers these notifications can indeed become a disturbance.

Can the notifications be disabled or does this require a new feature? Have others faced this complaint yet?

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Hi Dale!


We are planning to get rid of those notifications in future and replace them with much more subtle alerts. One would see just an icon with a number indicating how many new alerts are there to see. After clicking on an icon one would be presented with an expandable list with details about what has changed in a case. It's very similar to what social media sites do (example Facebook) and it seems a well known standard of notifying users about important events.


Expected to be delivered in 1.9.1 or 1.9.2.


How does that sound?

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