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Further Customisation of Export Options


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The ability to have a bit more flexibility for building export lists.


My client has given me a large number of Doc ID's that they wish me to create an export package for them as a single PDF and in a specific order.


There are two issues for me here, firstly the order doesn't follow any chronology or numerical listing, secondly there are some duplicates in the list (deliberate).


The only way I can get close to what they want is by adding a number to the comment field in the order they want the documents (1, 2, 3 etc), however this still leaves the duplicate documents so I have to identify them and then export each duplicate document separately so when they print their master document they can then print off the duplicates and insert them at the relevant place.


In this instance there are only 65 docs so it's not too big a deal to accomplish this with some manual tweaking, but I can imagine this will happen again only for hundreds of documents which could pose a huge time issue.


So in summary:

  • When importing doc id list or MD5 list the ability to display that list in the same order as it's imported (check box option perhaps)
  • The ability to include or insert duplicates under some circumstances such as this

Edit : oops the comments aren't actually shown so I can't sort by them :wacko:

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Hi Adam,


Intella 1.9 will have a new feature that would allow to import an overlay file (load file or CSV). That can theoretically help in your case:

 - Turn the Doc ID list into a CSV while adding a second column "Item Number". Use Excel to fill the column with numbers from 1 to N.

 - Now it should be possible to import the CSV into a case as an overlay file. Intella can match the items by Item ID from the first column and import the second one into a new tag column.

 - Sort items by the new column and export using the current table order.

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