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Importing keyword list glitch


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I have a large list of client names which I've been given to search across some emails and I've come across a bit of a glitch importing the data, I'll break down the process.


I received an excel spread sheet with numerous client names in the following type format


J & R Family Trust

SMITH, John David

Company A Pty Ltd

Company B Pty Ltd (The)


As there were literally hundreds of company names I used a formula in excel to put quotation marks " " at the beginning and end of each name, I then copied the resulting cells back into a plain text document so I ended up with:


"J & R Family Trust"

"SMITH, John David"

"Company A Pty Ltd"

"Company B Pty Ltd (The)"


So far so good.


However when I import the word list into Intella all the clients with the following format are causing problems

"SMITH, John David"


These words are not being imported properly, after import they show as




No closing " and the first and middle names are missing.


I can type that exact format manually with no problems but I can't for the life of me figure out why only these ones are importing incorrectly.


I should also point out that the quotes don't appear to be causing the issue as when I import the original list sans quotes the same issue is occurring. I assume the problem is being caused by the comma followed by a space, however entering this combination manually is no problems.


Is there some part of the import process that ignores text after a comma in plain text documents?


As a point of interest removing the comma's fixed the issue so clearly this it what's causing the problems on import.

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Hello Adam,


Since 1.8.3 version, the format of keyword list files was changed to CSV (comma-separated values). A side effect of this transition is impossibility of using comma characters in KW list queries.


This will be fixed in the next Intella version.


As a workaround for the current version, we recommend to remove commas from queries. Comma characters are meaningless for search, so they can be dropped out without any effect on the results.

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