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Identifying internal emails in a large population


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On a current project we are faced with potentially having to identify internal emails so that they can be tagged accordingly.  When I say internal, I mean employee A emailing employee B.


I'm looking to do this through Connect.  I had originally thought about the email addresses facet, but it seems that it just lists all email addresses.


Maybe a combination of "from:*@acme.com AND sender:*@acme.com" (without the speech marks).  Does that seem like a reasonable search, or is there a better way of doing it?


There is another level of complexity as well.  If the client bought another company, Acme GFG, after date: X then only email addresses after this date should be included as well.  So something like: "from:*@acme.com AND (sender:*@acme.com or sender:@acme-cfg.com)". I'm just not sure how to incorporate the date criteria into this search.




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You may have to build the search in stages rather than one all encompassing search term.


Maybe something like:

  • Search for Sender/From is "@acme.com"
  • Then within that set where To/CC/BCC is "@acme.com"
  • Then sort in the preview pane by the "To" field and disregard any emails that include external emails addresses (if that's your goal)
  • Tag the remainder as internal emails
  • Rinse and repeat for the "@acme-cfg.com" emails but use the date filter to isolate the relevant time period.

It's not as elegant as a single search term however experience with Intella has shown me that sometimes it's safer to build the search in this manner to ensure nothing is missed through any misinterpretation of the intended search parameters.

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