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I'm looking for a smarter or better way to search for bank BSB numbers on a case.


Currently I have a list of some hundred or so BSB's in this format "123-123" note the hyphen.


Now according to what I know and the documentation the '-' hyphen symbol should be ignored unless it is preceded by an escape symbol, or '\'


However, in this case searching for 123-123 is showing up results with the hyphen, and NOT results without the hyphen, ie 123 123.


So now I'm looking for a reliable way to search for BSB's that will include the following results



123 123


Without me having to go and manually retype all the hundred odd BSB numbers on my keyword list to include the other possibilities.

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Hello Adam,


For the first two examples, a regular expression might work:




This won't work for the third case, however, as it includes a token delimiter (space), So the final query should combine that with a phrase pattern:


/[0-9]{3}\-?[0-9]{3}/ OR "[0-9]{3} [0-9]{3}"

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For those not in the land-down-under

A BSB (Bank/Branch Number) is a 6-digit number that identifies banks and branches in Australia. It stands for 'Bank-State-Branch'. A Commonwealth Bank BSB starts with 06, for example, 06_ - _ _ _. To make a transfer, you'll need your recipient's BSB and account number.
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