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UI for fragments analysis in Intella Connect


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Hi guys!


As I'm sure you already know Intella 1.8 will allow for analyzing text on a paragraph level. For starters, we will allow to hide certain paragraphs during review by marking them as Seen. Having that will allow us to build much more interesting features over time, which will allow for conducting much more detailed review, if there is a need for it.


Below I'm posting my first works regarding the UI that will become the scaffold for all those features. Greyish paragraph is the collapsed one. Green ones have been marked as Seen during the review. The one at the bottom is hovered, which shows a contextual menu of available actions.


Any comments? :-)



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Hi Dale!


This will be an implicit action triggered by the user. You will be able to click & annotate each paragraph as "Seen" which will render paragraph in green text. If the same paragraph (judged by the md5) will be presented in the next item that you see, you will immediately know that you've reviewed this part of content. Helps to deal with repetitive text :-) More features will come!

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