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Relavtive vs. absolute case URLs


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Łukasz - As agreed:


In the moment where Intella Connect is being accessed through a proxy one runs into the issue that the case URLs as used in 1.8beta are absolute and not relative. Example: There is case shared out at the base URL http://intella.foobar.com/Group18/shared/2be94c30-0294-4199-a484-c09783370488 to a user when logging on to 1.8 (beta). The problem starts when part of the user base accesses Intella via a proxy, e.g., http://generalproxy.foobar.com/intella/Group18/shared/2be94c30-0294-4199-a484-c09783370488. As the links to the cases are absolute, the user that just logged on to Intella Connect would not be able to open the case as the link would point to http://intella.foobar.com/Group18/... rather than http://generalproxy.foobar.com/intella/Group18/...


Using relative links rather than absolute links would resolve this issue (and possibly create others). Would it be an option to make this configurable?

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Hi Dale!


As we have discussed, I can see how this can become an issue. Therefore I think that we can and should address that in the near future. I'm just wondering, what would happen if you set up the case server host in a way that it always points to your proxy (generalproxy.foobar.com...)? The case URLs would always refer to a Proxy instance, but I'm not sure if this generates any issues in your setup?


A simple fix would be to add a configuration flag called "Force relative URLs in dashboards". It would ignore any server host settings and backdrop to relative links entirely. So each time we would generate a case URL, we would take relevant parts from the browser's address bar and simply append the case ID. I'd leave it optional, though, as having a custom host name with absolute links also has some benefits.

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