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Wish list - Calculate Near duplicate custodians


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Hello Geo,

Thanks for posting the suggestion.

I would like to clarify a few things:

1. Are you referencing the "Duplicate custodians and locations" feature as the one that it should be based on? https://www.vound-software.com/docs/intella/2.6.1/#_duplicate_custodians_and_locations

2. Can you provide a bit more details how you would envision this feature work? ideally, a step-by-step process to determine Near Duplicate Custodians.


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Hi, yes confirmed that it would be similar to the "Duplicate custodians and locations" feature.

Here's an example of use, that would be used to find near duplicates that exist at 2 different companies/custodians.  With thousands of near duplicates in this case, we had to export the data out of Intella and into sql where we grouped on the near duplicate group and queried the group to identify groups where there were 2 custodians and then concatenated the custodian filed and created "Near Duplicate Dupe Custodian".  Its a pain.  In retrospect maybe the field should be called Near Duplicate Group All custodians.


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