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Wish list - Right click a column header for Sum calculation AND Show distinct values


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Example 'Type' column - right click > show distinct > Intella would count each file type, show the distinct values and the numbers of items.

Example 'Size' right click > Sum > Intella would sum the values.

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Hi @Geo,

So, you want to have more information about what kind of item types you have in your selection. That is a good suggestion. We will bring this up in our team discussion. While we do not typically provide timelines for new features, please know that your ideas are valuable to us. Thanks for helping us improve our product!


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This would certainly be one way to get a quick summary. In absence of that, when you select a facet (e.g., Type), you will see how many items there are of each type in your responsive list of items. Not a nice summary, but a work around pending something like you suggest. And of course, you could export the list to Excel and do that yourself in Excel. But I get that you are looking for a solution in Intella. Just a suggestion in case you had not thought of it and it's something you need for a case.

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