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Issues with Odd Items appearing in Locations facet


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Im having an odd issue appear when I index folder sources, where after I index it, I get folders and files appearing in the top level of the Locations facet that should be contained in one of the folders I have indexed. Its very anoyying as I should have only 2 top level Folders in locations that correspond to the 2 source folders I originally indexed, but for some reason I have a multitude of other files and folders locations appearing there.


I have had it occur on 1.5.2 and 1.6.


At first I thought Intella might be treating some of these files like it treats mailboxes and creating a new source for them, but there are still only 2 sources in the sources dialog.

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Guest KathleenK

Hi Timu:


Can you send this to support? You can email it to support@vound-software.com.


Please include your logs files with your email.



The log files are located in your home directory. Every case created in Intella has its own log files.


Note: The log files contain path and file names and information on Intella's actions. The contents of the data in your case is not stored in the log files. Please check your log files before you send them to make sure that you don't accidentally share information that is private. You share the log files at your own risk. Please know that we will handle the log files with great care, and that we will delete all data received from you when the issue is dealt with.


The path to this directory depends on your platform.


For Windows Vista and Windows 7:



For Windows 2000, 2003, XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Intella\cases\\logs


Could you please zip "main.log","warnings.log" and any other *.log files and send the zip file with your email.

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