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Add Highlight and Export Highlight_Redaction tab

Simon Céré

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There is the ability to highlight text within the Redaction tab, but the highlights do not stick when the document gets closed. This functionality is apparently not supported anymore.

I would like to suggest that this functionality becomes supported with the option to export the resulting PDF documents with the highlights. This option could be added at where one choses if he wants redactions used for the export. 

I believed that this coupled with the item from the wishlist "export redacted items as semi-transparent" would bring Intella to another level in terms of the documents revision cycle. 






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Good morning Simon, 

That is still an internal ticket that will go through the process of being reviewed, and then decided on being a feature to add to future releases if it seems to be a beneficial addition to the software. Please be sure to check https://community.vound-software.com/topic/40-intella-latest-version/page/2/ for any upcoming version release notes to see if that feature made it into that release. 

Thanks for the support and suggestions. We value and appreciate all of them!

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