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NOT agent:*@domain_not_wanted.xxx not working?

Lucky H

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Greetings, all.

The specific goal is to locate all e-mails that were sent to external recipients; thus, I thought NOT agent in combination with specific Options selections would remove all exchanges containing an internal e-mail address in any of the recipient fields, but this approach did not work at all.

My understanding is that the query NOT agent:*@domain_not_wanted.xxx should exclude all e-mails with a @domain_not_wanted.xxx e-mail address. However, the query is actually pulling all items with a @domain_not_wanted.xxx e-mail address in any of the address fields (To, Cc, etc.).

I also tried to be more specific and used agent:*@domain_wanted.xxx AND NOT agent:*@domain_not_wanted.xxx. This brought all items with either @domain_wanted.xxx or @domain_not_wanted.xxx e-mail addresses.

Using Options to select only address fields did not alter the result.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.



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Please note that the NOT operator cannot be used without a positive assertion ('a NOT b', but not 'NOT b'). So the first example should not work.

The second query is syntactically correct (though AND is redundant here). We need more information and possibly, sample data to be able to reproduce and diagnose the issue. I suggest to open a support ticket on the Intella support portal:  https://support.vound-software.com


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If you are looking simply to exclude all @domain_not_wanted.xxx, you could drop the NOT from the query, show all items under Features facet, and then use the Exclude option with the query:


It's not a single step as you may have been trying to do. But it will produce the results you want.

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