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Batch Tagging

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Hello Mark,


In your other post (http://community.vound-software.com/index.php?/topic/171-wish-list-intella-scripting-engine/) I already mentioned the post-processing tasks that we will add in the next version, but I am not sure if that covers what you need here. Do you want to apply the tags based on keywords, or is this merely about populating the list of tags available in the Add Tags dialog?

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Hi AdamS,


You know how you can upload a keyword list.  Can you do something with tags. Can I put 20 or so commonly used tags in a UTF-8 txt file and have that uploaded and update the case so they are ready to be used.  Reason being is that as it stands at the moment, I receive data; I process; I push to Connect for review.  If I receive another dataset for the same project, I've got to create another case file.  So if I end up with 15 case files all associated with one project, can I simply upload a tag list and have them created and ready to be used within all 15 of my cases, without having to go into each case and manually add each tag for reviewers to use.  I'm thinking of a way to automate and standardis on tags within case files.



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