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Sort facet list alphabetically


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Guest Marco de Moulin

Good suggestion Adam. Did you know you can sort the menu to your own liking in Intella Connect & Intella Investigator? You can put the most used facets at the top. You can do this by dragging the menu item up or down.

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If it's simpler to implement, instead of having to do it make changes to the main GUI, you could maybe expose the options into their own config file which would be read on program execution, like how you can go in and change the debug level in logback.xml

I daresay most people wouldn't be wanting to play around with it to much - either purely alphabetical, or favs at the top and then alphabetical, etc - they'd probably figure out what works for them best in a couple of iterations and never have to touch it again

The other place that could make sense (without having to change the main GUI would be to add it as a tab in Preferences where you could drag and drop the order

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