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Some emails not displaying

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I have a weird issue that crops up and I can't figure it out, although it seems more common in 'ORPHANED ITEMS'


There is no data displayed in the 'content' tab however if I switch to the 'Raw Data' tab there are hundreds of colums of numbers, then if I continue to scroll down the header and body of the email are eventually displayed but with no formatting, just put together like one big paragraph.


Any thoughts as to what causes this? I see it on every archive I examine.


PS I have screenshots but I can't attach them as I've reached my quota on attachments. Would it be possible to lift that quota? I only have 4 small JPG attachments probably taking up less than 1mb space but that's all I'm allocated by the forums :)


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On the left is the content tab, and the right is the raw data tab after I have scrolled down quite a way to find the beginning of the actual email. You can see from the scroll bar on the right how far I've had to come down as there are literally hundreds of these columns of number sets.



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Hello Adam,


According to your screen shot it's not the start of the email body. It's just different versions of PR_SUBJECT field. Any field of an Outlook item may have many versions. Outlook usually displays the last one. "Contents" tab also usually shows only the first version. You can see all the data on the "Raw data" tab. Email body is stored in PR_BODY field.

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Hi Adam,


Are you able to share this email with us? A corrupt email is the most likely explanation as else we would be missing a lot of data, but I would like to rule out any processing bugs. Ideally, a copy of the mail copied to a new PST file works best, as then all PST-specific fields are kept as well.

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