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Common/Frequent Character errors in PDF Exports


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When exporting to PDF, certain text characters (particularly punctuation like apostrophes) consistently appear as non-standard symbols in the resulting PDF, such as in the screenshot below (from a .msg file exported to PDF: 


The apostrophe displays correctly in the Intella preview window, but in the exported PDF it appears as a series of symbols. My PDF Rendering options include:

  • Content as original view
  • For every email include: Body - Prefer HTML over plain text content (I select this option because I need the PDF to be the truest possible visual representation of the original email)

Is this a known issue and is there a resolution? If this topic has been addressed before please direct me to it (I had no luck searching the forum and manual).

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Thanks Jon, will do. I'll need to find a sample email that replicates the issue but does not include any personal or sensitive information. When I locate I'll open a ticket and include the original email as well as the PDF export and export settings. Thx!

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Guest Marco de Moulin

Hello @Rob TAYLOR,

Yes, we found the reason there were in some cases impropriate characters in PDFs created with Intella Connect and we have a fix for this. It will be part of Intella Connect version 2.6 which will be released soon. If you want, we can send you a patched Intella Connect version which includes the fix as well. For this, could you reach out to support? They will be able to provide you with the appropriate installer. 



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