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Memory Management

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I'm currently running an load file export on a case that has 35k items.  It's going to take 23 hours to finish, inlcuding tiff, native, and text extracts.  Is there a recommended memory setting I can use to help speed things up or to get the most of my PC to ensure that Intella is using all avaiable resources it's allowed to use.  I have a 64-bit Win 7 system with an i7 processor, and 16GBs of RAM.  Don't know if I should be changing the -Dintella.serviceMaxHeap setting to something other that the default.


Any thoughs would be greatly appreciated.

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We have seen so many issues with USB2/3 that we no longer recommend they are used. We see case file corruption and slow speeds all of the time.


We recommend internal SATA or better for all Intella tasks.  If you are forced to use USB make sure you have a valid backup and be prepared for slow processes (USB3 is the same). 

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Interestingly all the data I had been indexing previously was on a USB3 connected hard drive docking station.


I have since purchased a hot swap sata cage for my machine and will be using that for all jobs in the future and just keeping the caddy's for copying the exported reports etc for the clients. I have constant issues with the docking stations randomly disconnecting too which drives me crazy. All USB power settings have been set to never do anything but doesn't seem to make a difference.

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