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Exporting Redacted Items - semi-transparent

Exporting Redacted Items - semi-transparent  

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  1. 1. Would you find it useful being able to export or print a redacted document with semi-transparent redaction marks?

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I would like to propose for the update of Intella an option to export documents with redacted items as semi-transparent boxes that allows you to see the content being redacted. This would allow to share the proposed redactions with other people and do 3rd party consultation for proposed redactions. I believe this would add a lot of value to the redaction functionalities of Intella. 

There could be having a 3rd option below which would enable to "use redacted image as semi-transparent":


The result of the exported document with semi-transparent redaction would look like this:


Instead of only having the option to export redacted item opaque in color or black like this: 


At least with semi-transparent redacted document you can consult with other people within the organization or outside of it. 

Thanks a lot for considering.

Simon Céré

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Clarified the request and wanted to give it visibility
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