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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I would like to propose for the update of Intella an option to export documents with redacted items as semi-transparent boxes that allows you to see the content being redacted. This would allow to share the proposed redactions with other people and do 3rd party consultation for proposed redactions. I believe this would add a lot of value to the redaction functionalities of Intella. Regards, Simon Céré
  2. All, I am fairly new to using Intella. I am currently using Intella Connect v2.1 for a case. I have two questions in relation to exporting documents in PDF format from Intella Connect: 1. Exporting files in PDF format that have redaction applied on it I have around 200 emails that have some body content redacted from them. Is it possible to export the redacted version of the emails in PDF format along with attachment content? I have created an export template where I have included attachment details and attachment content for all email items. But this specific export only shows attachments when the email had NO redaction. When email has redaction, then attachment details and attachment content is not exported in the same PDF file. I think this may be because using redaction forces Intella to generate an image of the original file and then during export, it is excluding attachment content but I am not really sure. All our previous exports have included family items together (when there were no redaction applied), and I would like to stay consistent with that approach. Any tips or workaround from the experienced Intella people will be appreciated. 2. Auto Incremental Page Numbering on PDF exports Is it possible to add incremental page numbers on the page footer? I have explored various setting within Intella export section but couldn't get this to work. I look forward to hearing for solutions. Thanks in advance.
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