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BitLocker issue? Intella Pro 2.4.2

Jacques B

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I deal with BitLocker regularly as we deploy it on our corporate computers. My workflow has typically been to use Arsenal Image Mounter (free version) to mount the image, and enter the BitLocker recovery key in Windows to decrypt the mounted volume. I then image the volume using FTK Imager and bring that image into Intella.

Yesterday I had a case where I decided to use Intella Pro to decrypt the volume. It seemed to work, but there wasn't a lot of data in the user's Windows folder (and several PDFs were showing as binary files). I mounted the original image in Arsenal Image Mounter, entered the BL recovery key and viewed the content with FTK Imager. I noted that the user folder that I was interested in had a whole lot more files and folders in it than I was seeing in Intella.

I'm about to upgrade it to 2.5, but in skimming the release note I didn't see mention of fixing a bug with BL so I'm not expecting it would result in anything different.

Has anyone else experienced this issue when using Intella to process a BL image? Before I file a bug report, I want to confirm that it's not just me.

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