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Exporting Properties Information


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Hi, I am trying to create a report of some Outlook contact information and I found an issue with loose contact files (.vcf).  I can see some data in the "Properties" tab in Intella but I cannot figure out how to export this information to a report.

For example the below fields are present but the fields are not available to export and since there is no RAW Data tab I can't export RAW data fields.  I have tried indexing this information into custom fields but have been unsuccessful so far.



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Hi, currently the metadata from the Properties tab can not be exported as already mentioned. If you are after metadata such as the full name, then this should be in the RAW data tab. If there is no RAW data tab for the item, then there may be something wrong with the item. In that case can you submit a support ticket and send us a sample that has no RAW data tab please.

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