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  1. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can provide some guidance on how exactly shared coding layouts work. For example, I had assumed these worked more as a template and when added to a case it didn't have an affect on any other cases. I now see that when I update the coding layout (ie add a new field or new choices) in one case it appears to affect other cases. However when I delete a field from the layout in one case when I test I still see in others. Does anyone have documentation or more information on exactly how changes to a shared coding layout affects all cases that are using that layout? I can't find anything in the Intella manuals. Thanks.
  2. I have a list of 39 keywords that I want to run in Intella Connect and I need to exclude "Message Headers" and "Raw Data". I can see what the results would be from the "Report" tab but when I want to actually run these and tag the documents I can't do it from the "Keyword List" Facet unless I explore all of the terms. That however requires me to manually select each term before I can tag which is a huge inconvenience. Is there anyway to restrict the fields that are being searched from the Keyword List Facet?
  3. I have created two Global Coding Layouts (can be shared between cases) and I have found that 1 of them is no longer needed but I cannot figure out or find any information on how to delete one. Can someone please inform me how I can delete a global coding layout?
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