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Wish: Lotus Sametime Chats

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We get to see quite a lot of Lotus Sametime chat transcripts. These are HTML files including a meta data section. Chats can be between two parties only or amongst a group of users. Users are identified by their email addresses.



  1. Would it be possible for Intella to parse the Sametime chat meta data and capture the start, end date, creator and participant information in a fashion similar as it is done for email? This would make it much easier to search and review Sametime data, e.g., search communication by participants or time frames not derived soley from file meta data.
  2. This would not be a complex feature to implement. Would others see benefit in such a feature?

We have created a script that translates Sametime chats to MBOX format, i.e., that makes them look like email messages. This is giving reasonable results, but remains a work-around.

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