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Indexing 2 cases simultaneously

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I'm wondering if any testing has been done with this?


Can I index two cases at the same time?


If the source and data folders are on different physical drives for each case then the only shared resources will be CPU and RAM.


Are there any known stability issues with doing this?


I find myself with close to 1 TB data on two different cases that I need to index as soon as humanly possible and waiting for a week while one finishes then starting the other is not an attractive option.

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Hi AdamS,


I have the same issue.  I'm currently running a load file production, which Intella tells me it estimates to complete within 23 hours, I then have another production waiting which has to wait until this has finished.  Maybe some kind of indexing queue mechanism would be useful here, whereby 3-4 child processes could be spawned per case to allow for simultaneous indexing.  So instead of locking the case, it allows you to open another case and start the indexing of that case, and the Index Queue, let's say, has a monitior that shows you the processing status of both indexing jobs.

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