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Google Takeout - No folder structures


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I've downloaded my mail account using google takeout and processed in Intella, I've noticed that there is no folder structure at all, so am looking for alternatives to downloading gmail emails, as the OAuth side of things with intella does not seem to be working for us at the moment.  This is for testing purposes before I work on a clients google mail account.

I'm thinking of using Thunderbird to download the mail account, but is there a way of processing thunderbird email and keeping the folder structures?  I've not tested it as of yet, as I'm in the process of downloading the data.

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Hi fuzed,

That's correct. Intella doesn't support folders in Google takeouts at the moment. I don't know whether the using of Thunderbird will help. It's better to try it on a small dataset first. The best option might be to use Outlook by downloading the data to a PST file and then indexing the PST in Intella.

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Thanks igor_r - I tested with thunderbird and it can work, but you have to install an addon which then allows you to export all folders to MBOX format.

So a few options available that will work.

I can use Axiom to get the google drive data, as this retains the folder structures.


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