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Limiting Fields for Keyword Lists

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I have a list of 39 keywords that I want to run in Intella Connect and I need to exclude "Message Headers" and "Raw Data".  I can see what the results would be from the "Report" tab but when I want to actually run these and tag the documents I can't do it from the "Keyword List" Facet unless I explore all of the terms.

That however requires me to manually select each term before I can tag which is a huge inconvenience.

Is there anyway to restrict the fields that are being searched from the Keyword List Facet?

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Hi all,

At this point the only way to exclude the "Message Headers" and "Raw Data" fields is to use the check boxes. That said, there is a work around, but it would be time consuming if you have a lot of keywords. In that case you could use field specific searches, and not include the Message Headers and Raw Data fields in the search. E.g. if you were looking for the word house, but not in the Message Headers or Raw Data fields, you could type something like this:

text:house OR title:house OR path:house OR summary:house.....  and so on until all fields apart from the Message Headers and Raw Data fields are entered. Here is a list of the fields which can be used this way in a keyword list.


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