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Proximity Search Not Working right?


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I'm using a keyword that is using a proximity search. Basically, I want to see the first name within so many words of the last name. The search syntax I use is:

"firstname lastname"~5


Intella correctly highlights instances where the text is depicted as:


"Ms firstname lastname


However, Intella also highlights the first and last names shown in an email address, i.e., the entire email address is highlighted as a search hit:




Actually, the email addresses get highlighted as a search hit irrespective of the proximity search. In other words the search phrase "firstname lastname" returns a search hit on the email address shown above. 


Why is Intella highlighting the email address as a separate hit under these conditions? Is there anyway to exclude the emails from appearing as search hits when using proximity or phrase searches? 


Please advise. This is critical in a project I'm currently working on. Thanks.


Best regards, Phil 

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Hello Phil,


This is an effect of a special way the email addresses are treated in keyword search. They are indexed as individual search units, so for any keyword found within an email address, the "hit" is the entire address, not that separate word.


This is a default behavior, not specific to phrase or proximity searches. I'm afraid that this is not possible to change this in the current versions.

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