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Chris what are the logistics of making Intella index words case sensitive so the option to have exact match when searching?


I know Xways Forensics can do exact case matching, however the processing is done in reverse order, ie you select the words, then it searches for those words, no automatic indexing so the search takes a long time.


If indexing could include matching the case without taking a massive time hit I think it would be worth exploring. Then it could be as simple as a tick box 'exact case' in the preferences somewhere so that applies to all searches.


Alternatively, and this may be far easier, is to include a column in the preview window which can be enabled/disabled which shows a list of the matching keywords. This may appear redundant at first glance, as you clearly know what the matching keywords are, you just typed them in. However if this column showed the keyword hits 'exactly' as they appeared, then it would be a trivial matter to sort based on this column and very quickly see the instances of the words that were in caps or not. The keywords are already highlighted when viewing the document so it shouldn't be too hard to simply have those words auto populate elsewhere....should it?

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Hello Adam,


Thank you for your suggestions. We occasionally get the request for case sensitive searching in one form or another, so it's something that we definitely keep in mind. Any indexing options will most likely incur some overhead, but I like your alternative of doing it in the Previewer! I think what you have in mind is very similar to the results list that you see when using MS Word's Find option? E.g. like this: http://www1.pcmag.com/media/images/306875-browse-search-results-in-word.jpg?thumb=y

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Yes exactly, Intella already highlights word hits in that fashion (provided you aren't in the preview tab) after a search, so if those highlighted words could auto populate a "search hit" column and display with the exact caps from the document then the search by exact caps match becomes moot...I think....I'm tired and my brain isn't working propely :)

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