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OAuth Single Sign On

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Hi all,

we are considering adding Single Sign On (SSO) support via OAuth in Intella Connect soon.

SSO allows a user to log in with a single ID and password only once to gain access to any of several related systems. For example, a user logs in to Google account and afterwards that user can navigate to GMail, Google Cloud or Intella Connect without any of those systems asking for username and password.

Would that satisfy your SSO needs?

What providers are you using?

Any best practices or special features you can think of that should be considered when implementing this feature into Intella Connect?


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We are glad to see this getting focus!

Our strategy is OpenID Connect (OIDC).

OIDC unifies OAuth functionality and is commonly seen as the strategic continuation of OAuth for SSO. So, rather than investing time and effort into OAuth, I'd recommend to go with OIDC right from the start.


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Indeed OIDC seems to be the way to go, especially since it is so widely used by well-known companies (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, Amazon, SalesForce, PhantAuth, Okta).

I have also seen ability to operate own OpenID Connect provider/server.

Which OIDC provider/server would you be using if you don't mind sharing? The reason I'm asking is that implementing this feature into Connect is not enough. The users of SSO in Connect will need to know how to configure and use it with connection of their OIDC provider/server. I know that trying to configure and use a feature without any documentation can sometimes lead to frustration. So we want to be able to provide documentation about how to use SSO with your OIDC provider/server.

If you would prefer not to share, which is perfectly fine, then please let us know which OIDC provider/server should we write the documentation for. For example, would it be helpful if we would write documentation on how to setup SSO with Google?

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