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Document/Email Family Function

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I currently have a client who has masses of data that is in another language, that has been uploaded and OCR'd and works great, however they wanted to do some further work in relation to that material by getting manual translations done and then uploading that further data that has been manually translated.

They want to connect the new data to the old data - i.e. the OCR file 001 = Manually translated file 001.  They are wondering if there is a way to use the family function to do this, or is there a way to manually connect these files?

I'm at a loss, so any thoughts would be useful.

Thank You All.

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Hi Fuzed,

You can use the `-importText` command line option, see the "Command-line support" section in the user manual. Basically, store the content in a UTF-8 file named after the item ID, put them all in a folder, and then import that folder using that command. They then show up in an "Imported Text" tab in the Previewer.

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Guys, I've tried to use this but am struggling to get it to work, I'm not sure if the command I'm using is correct...

I've tried:
Intella.exe -u username -case "d:\Test_Case\" -itext "d:Test_Case\Text_Import\"

I've tried the same with the IntellaCmd.exe but that just throws errors.

Where am I going wrong?


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by way of update I've had some emails back and forth with Vound and they've got me to this point using the following command which worked, for those trying to do similar its here:

IntellaCMD.exe -c "D:\Test" -importText "D😕Test\Import_text" -u ADMINUSERACCOUNT

Replace file paths with yours, and -u with your admin user account.

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