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How to Expedite Your Ticket Resolution

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In our support portal we receive many questions throughout the day, some can be answered in a few minutes, others may take days to answer. Typically, the determining factor on how quickly these tickets are resolved is the quality of the information provided by the customer.

First, I’ll start with some background information about our support process. Tickets vary in topics ranging from Intella/Connect issues, dongle activations, crashes, load files, processing issues, etc. Customer tickets that are very descriptive and contain information such as the system hardware/software, hard drive configurations, the customer's dongle ID, the steps taken to recreate the problem, screenshots of the problem and errors which are displayed etc. will generally be resolved quickly. This information allows us to route the ticket to the correct support team. Right off the bat, we can connect you with someone that understands the issue and which part of the software it relates to. They can then give you the quickest solution based off the initial contact.

The following are examples of the full text of real tickets that we have received. Naturally these take a lot longer to resolve as we first need to ask the customer for more information:

“I have an issue – can someone call me?”

“I get an error when I click export, how do I fix it?”

“Intella has been processing for a long time, why is it so slow?”

"How long will it take to process 50Gb of data?"

Time is valuable for our customers as well as for us. In the cases above, more time is required for requesting and receiving the information that we need. If the customer is not in working hours, we usually get a reply the following day, which delays our subsequent replies further. For the above examples, there are so many different reasons why you could receive an error, or why performance is slow. For the 'How long to process 5GB of data' question, there are numerous factors that come into play such as:

* What is the makeup of the data?

* Is any of the data corrupt?

* What is the spec of the system you are running?

* How have you configured the drives in that system?

* Have you adjusted the memory in Intella/Connect for better performance?


Here is an example of a good ticket which provides all of the useful information :

Dear Vound,

I am having an issues with processing. The issue appears to happen on one specific PST. Below are my support answers.

-System: 6 Core Intel CPU. 64GB Ram

-Intella version: Intella Pro 2.3

-Intella memory setting and crawlers:
Memory allocation = 12GB
Service memory allocation = 6GB
Crawler count = 4

-Hard Drives:
System OS - internal SATA
Case drive - internal SATA 4TB
Evidence drive - internal SATA 2TB
Optimization drive - internal SATA 4TB

The source data is a PST file. I have indexed the PST but I do not see any emails in Intella for the PST file when the indexing is complete. I have tested the PST file in Outlook and I can see emails in the PST. The PST was provided by a 3rd party who created it from another forensic tool.
A check of the logs files for this case show no standard errors as shown in the 'reading your logs' forum post.
Please see the screenshots of the settings I have used, and the empty source for the PST are below.

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