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  1. Hi Jon, I'm not talking about caching the evidence within the case directory. However every native file (docx, eml, xlsx etc.) that is recognized and indexed by intella gets written to a huge binary database file. This accounts for most of disk space used in the case folder structure. That information is required for native view, exports etc. However that data is, at least in my opinion, not used when searching for text within the lucene index. It would be a cost saver to have that binary storage of the original contents of files moved to HDDs, and have Lucene among other i
  2. Hi, thanks for fixing my forum permissions, now I can post in the W4 section 😀 We are using W4 in several data theft cases with good results. With a few changes to the product we also could use it with other cases like CP / sexual abuse type of cases. Also we noticed some features need a bit of polishing: The “export to csv” option is somewhat broken. If columns contain a comma no escaping of the separation character was used in previous W4 versions. The latest version adds a text-qualifier for values that contain a comma. Usually the “item id” is the first column if it exceed
  3. Hi Jon, thanks for the input. So basically it's the same workflow as if I would process it with Pro/Team except that apart from the copy job everything is neatly manged through the Connect WebUI. I just remembered that Intella Pro/Team also have an Optimization folder. If Node uses the folder the same way then I don't need further explanations. In that scenario the crawlers would just dump temporary data into these folders. I was hoping that maybe the database that contains all the binary data of the evidence could be moved to a separate location. Regards, Fabian
  4. Hello, up until now I've been preparing cases for Intella Connect with Intella Team or Pro. With some additions to our hardware pool I've setup a shiny new processing Node. The setup was pleasently easy and configuration is done through Connect's WebUI. I was able to speed up the cumbersome SSL import by just copying the keystore over to the Node (maybe that should happen automatically when wildcard certs are used?). For the last years I've quite mastered how Intella Pro/Team use their resources and what type of storage to use. the largest Case I've put together with Team has about 3
  5. Hello, as we are using W4 more and more for early case assessments and other forensic work that doesn't require Intalla's extensive search feature I would like to provide some feedback. I didn't find a separate W4 forum section so I wanted to ask where to put my feedback. regards, Fabian
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