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Improvement request for (Export) Templates

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Intella Connect inherited the template management from Intella PRO/Team, where Templates are stored in %appdata% for the individual local user. Unfortunately all Intella Connect Users share the server's %appdata% directory and thus all templates are available accross all cases.

This is described in the manual, however not all Reviewers / Examiners will keep track of this all the time. So it might happen that Export-Templates with Case-Names / Numbers or Custodian Names [...] are created. Within a template there is also some room for potential confidential data, e.g. when designing headers and footers etc.

Providing a basic set of templates to Connect Users seems like a good idea, however templates created by certain users should either be stored "per Case" or "per User".

Also I think that when templates are added to the %appdata%-directory (externally, via another case) and the case is already shared it does not update the template list. 



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