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I have 20 PST containers exported from an Exchange Server. I want to search all of them for a fairly large list of keywords. I do not see any indication if the search is running or not. I selected all PST containers, added the keyword list and then clicked on search. Is there a way to tell if the search has started?

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Hi Jpollockrn,


Please make sure you are using Intella 1.7  After you have indexed the 20 PST's. Add you keyword list and select "Combined Query" at the bottom of the Keyword Facet, then Search. 


The search should begin. The biggest slow down is the keyword highlighting when wildcards are used in the keyword list.

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I did notice on a recent job that playing around with the order of applying certain information can have a drastic effect on how quickly the results are shown.


For example if I selected the location and types and used the "include" option, then went to keywords and highlighted all and hit "search" then depending on the amount of keywords it sometimes froze or took a very long time.


However if used the 'include' option for all the keywords and the types, then used location as the search option the results were available much faster, almost instantly in some of the smaller keyword lists.


This may not be something that will always happen but for whatever reason this is what happened to me.


I made a thread about something very similar a few days back here


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