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Wish List - Multiple

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My team has been using Vound products for years and the following are items that we would love to see added or changed in the current offering of Intella Connect:

  1. Add the capability to exclude “Irrelevant Items” entirely from a case.  For eDiscovery, we have not found an instance where we needed these files and while we can hide them for our reviewers it would be nice if they never had to see them.
  2. Add the capability that forces families to sort in order (i.e. parent before children, etc).  This would help when reviewing and producing documents. For example, if we sort by "Family Date" it should sort families together so that we can produce with families together or review families in that order.
  3. Add a number of new fields to help better track families, as it is a challenge currently.  Below are some field changes we would like to see:
    1. Change Item IDs so that they are in order by family or add a separate field that has a file level ID that allows the attachments to be in order with the parent files.
    2. Create a Family ID column (all files in a family have same ID) so that the files can be sorted by the field and kept families together or so that families can easily be figured out on a report, etc.
    3. Create a Family Hash or Parent Hash field so that all files in a family have the same hash value as the parent file.  Helps if custom de-duplication needs to be done.
  4. Add the capability to de-duplicate on a family level instead of on a file level 
  5. Add an option as the case manager to enable de-duplication (and select the type) at a case level so that reviewers don’t have to check the option to de-duplicate.
  6. Enhance production capabilities so they are more standard for eDiscovery.  For example, for emails it is possible to not include standard meta-data fields in the image but it should be standard for eDiscovery to always show the same information.
  7. Add the capability to create a report of all of the users for a particular case. all shared cases, or all loaded cases so that we can create targeted communications regarding case or service outages.

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or need clarification on the items above.  


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Corey do you use batching to assist your customers with the review process?

I think you could completely exclude irrelevant items when creating the batches, not precisely what you are asking for I know but it's a workable solution, this method would also negate the need for the client to worry about the dedupe button.

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