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Export to PST


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I'm having issues getting this to work as i'd like.


I select a portion of emails which I'd like to export to a single PST archive and retain the folder structure (inbox, sent, deleted etc) so that someone can simply import the PST into Outlook and have a virtual copy of what existed on the other computer.


What options do I need to select in the export to make this happen. I've been playing around for a while now and I can get the emails visible after the import but only at the sacrifice of the folder structure, I can't seem to get that part to work.


Using 1.6.4


I should mention that I've checked the created PST's with Xways to confirm they contain data and can be recognised.


Edit : okay, I think this might be a case of me wishing for something that can't be done. The emails have come from several different computers and therefor different email accounts so I don't think I can do this as simply as I'd like.

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Hello Adam,


When you check the "Keep location structure" checkbox, the PST will have a structure that is equal to what you see in the Location facet: different folders for each source PST/OST/NSF/..., followed by the folder structure of that original evidence file.


So the folder structure should be retained and you should also be able to see what custodian the mail came from.


If it does not work like this in your case, perhaps you can start a support ticket and send us log files and screenshots?

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