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Case Sensitive Letters + Highlight Text exporting


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Dear all, I'm Wu. 

I would like to ask if anyone knows how to:

a) Specific search in Case Sensitive Letter. (e.g: jus Upper Cap letter hits, avoid lower or mixture)

b) OCR keyword hits - 5 pages out of 500 pages, possible to export the '5' pages with highlighted text. 

Please help. 


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8 hours ago, jon.pearse said:


For (a), you can use a regular expression search. A regular expression search has an option to set case sensitivity.

For (b), OCR only runs over the entire document. There is no function to export only pages that contain search hit highlighting.

Hi Jon, 

Thanks for replying back. 

I have read through the regular expressions, tested with few methods and nothing working for me. 

Could you give me the example: like just for the Word: "date" all lower case, I'm avoiding 'Date, DATE'. 

Your attention to this matter is highly appreciated. 


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You can do it like this. Since you know what you are looking for (the word 'date'), type it in as the regular expression. Then check the Case sensitive option.


I have created some test documents with the word 'date' using different case. When I run content analysis over these three documents, only the document with the keyword in lower case is found.



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