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New feature in W4 - Reporting wizard


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New feature in W4:

We have added a reporting wizard that allows the user to create fully customizable reports in W4.



The report wizard includes these features:

  • Custom fields can be added to the report so that information specific to the investigation (e.g. case name, case ID, dates, examiner, report author etc.) can be included in the report. 


  • Sections can be added to the report. A Section is a configurable form which you use to report data and artifacts. This could include data that you have selected, data that you have tagged, or data from one of the categories on the left of W4. 
  1. With each section, the user can set which metadata fields should be shown in the report for the artifacts being reported.
  2. The original files can be exported with the report. The reported will contain hyperlinks to the exported files so they can be quickly reviewed in their native application from the report. 
  3. The page orientation for each section can be configured independently. This is useful for setting the matching page orientation for the specific data being reported. E.g. a Landscape page orientation can be used when reporting wide table data. 
  4. The display type for each section can be configured independently. This allows the data to be shown in Table view (useful for tabular data), Events view (useful for timeline), or  Image gallery view. With image view the number of image columns per page can be configured.
  • Notes and tags can be added to the section data when shown in Events view.

    Notes are useful to add more information about artifacts.

  • When creating link graphs of artifacts, these link graphs can be captured and use in reports.

  • The report can be exported in useful formats - PDF or DOCX.



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