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Release Update - May 2019


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Hi all,

Here are some updates regarding the progress of W4.

Where are we at with the official release?
We are planning to have our first official release of W4 this week. The installer for the release will be available for download to our beta testers in the next few days. Beta testers will be able to test the new features which have been added since the beta version was released last year.

What new features have been included since the beta release?
There have been a number of new features added since the beta version. The new features can't all fit into one post, so over the next few days we will post some of the new features that have been added to W4. That said, here is a short list of what we have added:

  • Reporting wizard which allows for a lot of flexibility when creating forensic reports
  • Ingest a W4 case into Intella
  • Colorized tags for easier tag identification
  • Special Note function. This is useful for adding additional information to discovered artefacts
  • New type of visualization in the Summary tab
  • Thumbnail view for image files 
  • Email headers tab



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