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I'm having a few issues getting comfortable with the "include" "exclude" way of trying to search and I'm hoping to clarify a few things.


Firstly, if I "include" emails then search, will it only search emails or do I need to "exclude" everything else?

Similarly if I "exclude" something then search will it search everything except that which is excluded?


I know it seems straight forward but I've found that searching with the "include" and "exclude" rarely behaves the way I think it should, so I just want to clarify exactly what is happening.


Also today I was asked to isolate all the emails which had been sent by a particular user to email addresses which did not include some key domains.


I'm curious if my method was a round about way and if there is a more effective way to do this, my steps were:

1 - "include" emails & "exclude" everything else

2 - using the search filter tick only "sender" and "from" then search with the email address

3 - Tag all the resulting hits

4 - Clear all filters, then "include" the newly created tag from step 3

5 - using search filter tick to/cc/bcc then search for the first email domain I wish to exclude "@gmail.com" for example. Tag the results and then repeat with any other domain I want to exclude.

6 - Clear all filters, "include" the first tag created at step 3, then "exclude" the next three tags created from the domains I wish to exclude.

7 - Switch facet to "type" and highlight messages, then click the search button at the bottom.

8 - I now have all emails sent by a particular email address to any email domain excluding the tagged other domains.


Does search allow an AND so I could have put more than one domain in "@gmail.com AND @hotmail.com AND @yahoo.com" and further could I have gone the other way and used a NOT to exclude the domains right from the outset? Maybe I should just go and read the manual ;)

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Think my brain is fried, I only just spotted the 'include' and 'exclude' on the top search button.


So my steps this time were

1 - facet type, include email messages

2 - search filter tick sender/from search for email address

3 - search filter tick to/cc/bcc then enter the domains I want to exclude and use the 'exclude' filter for each

4 - Facet filter type highlight messages then click bottom search button

5 - Same result as before


Amazing what you find when you read the manual :P roll on Friday I'm done

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Another search issue, and I'm sorry but I have to say as much as I like Intella the search functionality is just no where near the standard of the rest of the software.


Please take this as constructive as it's intended that way, I constantly have issues using search and it's almost impossible to duplicate search results from minute to minute. Tags don't seem to take properly, filtering by a single tag will often show other tags.


Right now I'm looking at a particular email address and I cannot search and show all the emails sent by this particular email address. If I tick "from" and "sender" I get zero results for a known email address. If I tick "authors & email addresses" then I get all and sundry, including this particular email address but tring to filter by a single email address is just not working. It has previously worked on this case so the on again off again could also indicate an issue with my machine, but there are some serious issues with Intella's search over all and to be honest I'm starting to dread trying to use it.


Try and find a particular email address is a nightmare, when you start looking by email address they are all sorted alphabetically by the email address itself, which is fine, however on the left there are the names associated with the email address and they chop and change between being alphabetical and not, so you may have 10 different email addresses all associated with a particular user, but because of the sort order you may never know. There definitely needs to be an option to change the sort order so we can sort alphabetically by the associated name first, then any email addresses that aren't linked to a known user name display at the end. As it is now is very difficult to make sense of. Also there needs to be a "All email addresses" option as looking there by the individual fields is not always needed or helpful.


The search is improving but the stability and reliability seriously needs to be looked at.

/rant (it has not been a great start to my Friday)

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Hello Adam,


About the Includes and Excludes: when you include a facet or keyword, only results matching that criterion will be shown in the Cluster Map and Details table. E.g. when you Include the PDF type, only PDFs will be shown in the results. Nothing needs to be excluded to make that happen.


I think your method is fine, but it really depends on getting all the details right. That is hard to judge from a distance.


I think there is an easier way. Suppose you want to search for all mail from john.doe@host.com but want to exclude the Gmail and Hotmail domains. The following query would do that in one go:


(from:john.doe@host.com OR sender:john.doe@host.com ) NOT agent:*@gmail.com NOT agent:*@hotmail.com


As for "from" and "sender" not working, while "authors & email addresses" does work: please note that from/sender/to/cc/bcc has only been added in Intella 1.6.3 and requires that the case was either made or reindexed with that version. If you open a case made with an older version without reindexing it, they will return zero results. This is because these search options need some extra databases that a (re)index makes.


Your suggestions for the Email Address facet are already on the wishlist for a future release.


Thanks again for your feedback!

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Thanks Chris, I can't remember if the case was indexed prior to 1.6.3 or not so I will re-index just in case.


I know I need to be more patient and figure things out but sometimes I need to have my little hissy fit and vent before I feel better and can think clearly :P

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