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Glitch / Bug


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Okay, I'm sorry this is going to be a quick post because I don't have time to trouble shoot it properly now, but this is causing me no end of grief.


Using Intella 1.6.3 x64 and experiencing very unreliable and glitchy tagging behavior.


I clear all tags etc, then I include the sources I wish to search over, then I include the type (only email) I want to search over. Then I exclude everything else.


I apply the search as a partial email address "@gmail.com" using the filter only select the senders/receiver/to/from/cc/bcc fields.


I get 263 results all showing from the same source, but I know there are 363 emails from the other source.


If I conduct this search only on the second source I can see the 363 emails, but if I try and include everything it completely ignores the second source.


In addition when I select to view only tagged items for "Tag A" I continually see items for "Tag B" and "Tag C" showing up. I had previously mentioned this behavior and you were looking into it, appears to be still hanging around.


My system may have some issues so I'm not discounting that fact, but anyway. I'll come back to this properly when I can just curious to see if anyone else experiences similar behavior.


Edit : Stupid stupid stupid *facepalm I had the dedpulicate option pressed and as all the emails from source A are duplicated on source B that's why they weren't showing. Crawling back into my box now and getting on with my report. :)

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