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Translation Software Recommendation/Experience


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We are increasingly encountering documents in foreign languages that we have to currently send out to a translation service, this is expensive and slows down the investigation. I am wondering if anyone has any recommendations or experience using software to do the translation automatically? We are thinking this will be more of an intelligence review and would use the translation service for evidence for trial and hearing.




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I'm lucky enough to work in a large organisation with many foreign speaking people so we can generally find someone in the office who speaks the language. However, an approach I have taken in the past is to use a free online translation (google or babel) to get a general look at the document.


This is obviously not good enough for evidentiary purposes but may be good enough to determine which documents you actually need to get translated.


I'm not sure how effective this is for long documents but I've used in in the past for email translations.

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Seems like nobody touched this topic for over 2 years - any news in this field, please?

Does anybody have any experience with (offline) translation solution that can be "embedded" within Intella?

We are quite reluctant to use online translators since the reviewed documents usually contain quite delicate information. 



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