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Zip Families

Bryan La Rock

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I just noticed that the Family Date is not as expected for a large batch of email I just processed.  I found the issue: This email batch was contained within a Zip file, and so Intella is considering all items within the Zip file to be in the same family.  This is definitely not desirable for us.

Is there a way to configure the definition of "family" in Intella?  Typically, the only family relationship we care about is email families (i.e., emails and their attachments).  Zip families are not important to us and cause issues like the above.

If there is no way to configure the automatic definition of "family", is there some other way that I can get Intella to disregard Zip families and only consider email families?  This is very important for when we upload documents for review to Relativity.  We always upload the "Family Date", which our attorneys usually expect to be the date of the email.

Thank you!


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