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Count E-Mail receivers


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Dear all

I'm looking for a solution for the following problem:

I have a case with 1 Mio. Emails to/from a specific person.  Can I produce a list with all receivers and count the mails to them? It should be like a top 100 list of all correspondent addresses.

I was able to make a CSV-file with all receivers. I then imported the CSV-data to Excel and made a pivot query. This gives me the number of mails sent to a specific group of senders. E.g. I get the number of mails sent to receiver "A", and also the number of mails sent to "A & B". I am looking for a possibilty to produce a list with the number of all mails to "A" (regardless, if the mail was sent to "A" only or together with any other recipient(s)). And, I shouldn't need to specify the receiver (when I know the receiver, I get the answer quickly).

Thanks for your help!
Best regards,

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Hi Chris,

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Do Email Address facet query:
   All senders -> [person X]

   This will result in a cluster representing all emails sent by [person X].

2. Expand Email Address facet -> All receivers branch

3. Right click on All receivers branch and select Organize -> Sort by item count

4. Click 'Show only highlighted values' icon at the bottom of Email Address facet

5. The last step is to just export the results by right clicking on All receivers branch and selecting 'Export values...'


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