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  1. Dear all I'm looking for a solution for the following problem: I have a case with 1 Mio. Emails to/from a specific person. Can I produce a list with all receivers and count the mails to them? It should be like a top 100 list of all correspondent addresses. I was able to make a CSV-file with all receivers. I then imported the CSV-data to Excel and made a pivot query. This gives me the number of mails sent to a specific group of senders. E.g. I get the number of mails sent to receiver "A", and also the number of mails sent to "A & B". I am looking for a possibilty to produce a list with the number of all mails to "A" (regardless, if the mail was sent to "A" only or together with any other recipient(s)). And, I shouldn't need to specify the receiver (when I know the receiver, I get the answer quickly). Thanks for your help! Best regards, Christian
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