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Indexing Text Messages


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I've got a case with text message type communications in multiple formats such as iMessage, csv, Google Hangouts and Google Voice.  The messages were provided to us in these various formats and some of them contain multiple messages on the same page.  I'd really like to be able to index the messages individually as communications for analysis in Intella.  Is there a way to get Intella to recognize the source as communications/texts?  Even if that means me putting all the messages into a uniform format in an Excel or CSV to import the messages individually.  The end goal is to be able to use the communication analysis for individual messages.

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If I understand your question correctly,  you want to index all the data so that Intella recognizes it as proper emails instead of just text, is that correct? If so, there may be two solutions to that:
1. Convert all the data to an email format which is supported by Intella (e.g. EML files, MBOX, PST and so on). That will need to be done with a 3rd party tool.

2. If certain data can't be converted to email format, you could convert it to a CSV and then import it as a load file. That should also work, but we recommend that you try it out first on a small dataset to make sure it works fine. If you choose this second option, you should understand how load files work, including the parent-child relationships, and links to texts and natives files. This might not be a trivial task if you have never worked with load files before.

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Thank you for the reply.

As for the way Intella handles the data, I would be OK with it handled as emails or even Chat as long as each message can be counted individually.  

I haven't been able to find a 3rd party tool that will convert all of the formats that I have. If you can point me to something, that would be fantastic.  

Right now, I've got around 10,000 messages in an Excel spreadsheet that I've created.  I took a sample of 100 messages and created a pdf for each message and a CSV load file.  Unfortunately, it didn't recognize the pdf files as messages of any sort.  I tried to match an example of a load file that was produced to me in the following format:




an accompanying Concordance (“.dat”) and Opticon (“.opt”) load file , containing extracted searchable full text and the following fields of information, as applicable or their functional equivalent:





I should probably mention this is the first time that I'm the Plaintiff in a wrongful termination suit not a lawyer or someone in the legal profession.  I'd appreciate any guidance that you can provide.

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