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Email threading functionality


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I'm concerned that I'm setting something incorrectly when attempting to use this feature as I'm not seeing any emails hidden after running the process and selecting 'hide non inclusive'

Picking a simple chain where there are 3 or 4 emails with only 2 participants and I can clearly see the back and forth, but all emails in the chain are still visible after threading and hiding.

Is there something I'm missing in the process?

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Hi John, I can't see an email thread tab in the preview window, there is however the email thread listing under the facet search window.

It could be that I'm misunderstanding how the "hide non-inclusive" function is meant to operate, I just took it literally. Even when I go to the "email thread" facet option and pick one of those items with multiple emails listed in the thread, selecting or unselecting the "hide non-inclusive" option has no effect.

Edit: There may be something deeper going on with this data set as I looked in the "non-inclusive" field for the Details window and no emails are showing under this field, so that makes perfect sense that the hide non inclusive would have no effect. I will re-run the email threading process and tick discard previous threading data to see if perhaps something went awry with the original threading process.

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