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Load File - A "Confidential" field


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Hi group.

I am using Intella Pro 2.2.

I have been asked to produce some tagged files in load file format. The protocol states a field should be included, "CONFIDENTIAL", "Y or N will be noted in this field. This field defines whether or not a document has ben designated as "Confidential.""

I have researched the load file creation screens and do not see how to include this field.

On the "Load file options" screen, I checked "Exclude content" with the confidential tag applied and the Placeholder text "CONFIDENTIAL."

On the "Load file field chooser" screen I see no way to create a field as described in the protocol (Name: CONFIDENTIAL, Type: ??, Value: ??) <- Y if a file is tagged confidential, N if not tagged confidential.

Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

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You can do this by using Tag Groups.

1) Create a tag called CONFIDENTIAL, then create two sub tags under this tag for Y and N.

2) Tag the documents to be exported using the Y and N tags.

3) When you create a load file, on the 'Load file field chooser' window, create a new field and select the CONFIDENTIAL tag from the 'Intella column' list.

4) When the load file is created, you will have a column in the load file for CONFIDENTIAL, and the values will be Y or N.

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