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Problem indexing large number of PST files

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I'm wondering if anyone else is running into this problem.


Indexing is not completing when indexing a large number of PST files. I started with about 70 PST files at around 50GB total, which did not index. I then split the group in half; one half indexed successfully and the other did not. So I split that half and it worked. The problem here is that each time I split the group it doubles the amount of work because I have to search each group separately.


Is anyone running into this problem?

Is anyone else indexing 20 or more PST without having any problems?

Any suggestions?



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Hi Hagrid,


I regularly index over 1300 PST at one time. Total size is 650 gig. So size or amount is not the issue. I would expect 50 gig to take 2-8 hours depending on setup. Should be no need to split it up.


Can you give some background on your computer and set up?


How many drives:

What type of drives:



And so on...

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I'm using a Dell Optiplex 760 with 4 GB RAM. I'm using two external drives, one for case files and the other for the evidence files (PSTs). The case drive is an external USB hard disk and the evidence drive is an external eSATA drive.


Should also mention that I'm running Windows 7.

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