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Exporting Top Level Parents Unless The Top Level Parent Is...


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It would be nice to tell Intella to export top level parents, unless that top level parent is a container file.


1) Indexing a ZIP file from a source such as Google Takeout

2) The ZIP file has an MSG email file in its root that has 2 Word attachments

3) Export of top-level parents would export the MSG but not the ZIP

Obviously, this is not the innate behavior of exporting a top-level parent, as that would be the ZIP itself. I'm not sure if this would even be possible, and this would have to be a secondary option...just an idea. Currently, I am having to export all top level parents with one export and then handle responsive items within ZIP files later. The only workaround I have is to mount the ZIPs with a forensic tool and make an L01 of ZIP contents, then index and produce from the L01.

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I think the most expedient answer is to decompress the ZIP prior to processing.  This takes the ZIP container out of the equation as a parent item, at which point the the behavior you want is easily attainable.  It is SOP for me to always decompress ZIP containers prior to processing in order to avoid this type of issue, which also causes Family Dates to be inaccurate as a result.  

ZIP files are a horrible, horrible thing in the context of document families.

Hope that helps!

Jason Covey  

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From the 2.2 release notes:

• Added a Show Family search option. This new operation effectively combines the Show Parents and Show Children operations into a one-click operation, by determining for the selected item(s) the top-level parents and all their nested items. This also relates to the Families column in the Keywords tab and the Family Date field.

• The functionality for determining the top-level items now takes databases into account, so that these will not be the top-level items anymore. The Load File and Cellphone items are now captured into a single Forensic Containers category.

• Added a Features facet category that returns all top-level items.

Will that somehow ease gsnyder's task, or ZIP needs to be extracted as suggested?

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